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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and even RSS-Feeds are aggregated with ContentFry
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Aggregate from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and even from RSS-Feeds

Profile Channels

Integrate all your Social Accounts


Set up a channel for your profile, your fansite or your account and ContentFry aggregates all your Facebook posts, Instagram images or tweets and retweets. This is just the perfect solution for a social media aggregator to manage your brands activities on social media and to create an engaging social hub for your brand.

Hashtag Channels

Follow a Hashtag


Stream content with a hashtag from Twitter, Instagram, Vine or any other major social network and ContentFry delivers you a simple but powerfull view to all activities around that hashtag. This makes it easy to monitor and follow your hashtag campaign or your brand-ambassador’s activities all around the world.


Unlimited possibilities with RSS-Feeds


Whether you integrate a blog, a news channel or an online shop; with the integration of RSS channels you complete the content aggregation to any possible source. This technology is also used by our customizable text-, photo- and video-uploader which brings user generated content from your campaign site directly to ContentFry.

Geo-Location Channels

Get all public content from one location


Set up a location on our map tool and ContentFry delivers you all social activities within a predefined setting. With this unique feature you not only get the buzz around your shop or summit but also discover the most used hashtags at your event. In real-time!


Themes / Groups / Profiles


Accept / Deny / Block


Mobile / Desktop / Social Wall