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For every social marketing campaign their are examples of great content and content that has the potential to harm the campaign. ContentFry’s dashboard lets you analyse and publish only content that makes your campaign successful and puts your marketing team at ease.
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For every Social Marketing Campaign there are examples of great content and content that has the potential to harm the Campaign. ContentFry’s Dashboard lets you analyse and publish only content that makes your Campaign successful and puts your Marketing Team at ease.

Edit or Automate

With ContentFry you publish the Content that is appropriate for your Brand


For every channel we provide you with two options: automated or manual publication. While user generated content needs moderation your own content can be distributed automatically to your social newsroom or social hub. This is exactly why ContentFry lets you choose from both to make your curation efficient and time saving.

The different Features in our Dashboard


The content waits for your approval


The content waits to get published


The content is published


The content is not published but denied


A user is blocked from the aggregation


The content is on top of your timeline

ContentFry is your Mission Control

Organize and control your Campaigns, Screens and Social Hubs in one Dashboard


ContentFry lets you control as many visualisations as you want. From social hubs, social websites with subpages for different hashtag campaigns or live screens at an event. Your team can manage all those views in one single dashboard. And for saving time you are even able to publish content with one single click to multiple screens.

Visualization of your Streams

Manage your Timeline


You want a video always displayed on top of your social hub? With ContentFry this request is easy to manage. Just star a content from your dashboard and ContentFry puts it on top of your timeline.

Desktop, Tablet or Mobile

Our Dashboard works everywhere


ContentFry can be used from any device with a browser. Whether your monitor your content in your office, on your tablet while traveling or with your smart phone at your event; the only thing you need is a working internet connection.


Channels / Hashtags / Geo-Fencing


Themes / Groups / Profiles


Mobile / Desktop / Social Wall