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ContentFry does not only look great as a social hub or social site on a desktop or mobile device but also on a big screen for the perfect social wall at your event.
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Events and Promotions

ContentFry does not only look great on a Desktop or Mobile Device but also on a Big-Screen

Social Walls

Social Media interaction on Site


Use ContentFry at events to show tweets from speakers, official postings from the promoter or your own social media activity. Or even display everything that has been shared and tagged with the event hashtag in real time. Our event package is just what you need: a fast tracking aggregator with a simple but powerful dashboard to control your social wall on site.

Real Time

Use the real time feature to aggregate content within seconds


Show the social activity to the event hashtag


Decide on site which content gets approved and published to your social wall

Live Moderation on Site

ContentFry lets you monitor and curate your Social Stream on Site


Publish your social content on site with your smart phone or tablet. ContentFry lets you not only work locally on site but also among different members of your team. And since we allow to define different views you will manage your website, your social hub or your social wall independently from each other.