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Set up a location on our map tool and get instantly all Tweets, Instagram photos and videos around that spot. Whether you are an event promoter, a show owner or a summit organisation, its not hard to imagine how great this functionality is to explore the shared emotions for a specific place.
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Set up a Location on our Map Tool and get instantly all Tweets, Instagram Photos and Videos around that Spot. Whether you are an Event Promoter, a Shop Owner or a Summit Organisation, it’s not hard to imagine how great this Functionality is to explore the shared Emotions for a specific Place.

Sport and Events live on your Screen

ContentFry as a Second Screen


With our geo-fencing feature for channels you are able to show all local happenings on social media independent of the hashtags in use. This enables you to create great second screen applications for your community where you filter the content by topics and used hashtags.

Monitoring with Hashtags

Search for the most popular Hashtags at an Event


You promote an event and want to know what hashtags people use? With ContentFry you monitor the local stream and join the discussion with your brand accounts.