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Hashtags let you categorize your social content and give your brand ambassadors a powerful tool to engage with your brand.
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Hashtags let you categorize your Social Content and give your Brand Ambassadors a powerful Tool to engage with your Brand.

Storytelling with Hashtags

Hashtags are powerfull. They let Users discover Content in the Social Web, engage with it and find Recommendations and Opinions to a Topic.


With hashtags a brand is able to define topics and discussions on the social web. This is why they are the basic tool to all storytelling ideas. And with ContentFry we deliver you a powerful aggregator to collect, monitor and curate all content with your hashtags. No other social aggregator has been developed with storytelling concepts in mind like ContentFry.

Hashtags for Events

Right in the Center


Every event nowadays communicates a hashtag for people to follow the discussion. Visitors tag their photos, comment live on presentations and document the event. With a social wall from ContentFry your brand is able not only to enforce the discussion but to be part of it and display it.

Hashtag Sweepstakes

Launch a Hashtag. Communicate it. Show the Content


ContentFry delivers you a powerful tool to aggregate content with a hashtag from all major social networks. On our dashboard you organize and control the content and decide which content gets published to your social hub, social wall or social website.

Hashtag Campaigns without Hashtags

Our Photo- and Video-Uploader


Sometimes launching a hashtag is not enough for your photo or video contest. With our uploader you expand your campaign to all those which are not part of a social network or simply want to share their content only on your microsite.