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Over 25% of the digital natives visit your store but shop online. With the Social Aggregator ContentFry you create in shop entertainment with a Social Hub and combine social media recommendations and user engagement with your local shopping experience on a Social Wall.
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Shopping and Retail

Over 25% of the Digital Natives visit your Store but shop online. With ContentFry you create In Shop Entertainment and combine Social Media Recommendations and User Engagement with your local shopping Experience.

Tablet, Screens and Mobile

Integrate a social wall and engage with your customers on site with an interactive app or a information app for your tablet

Brand Ambassadors

Explore how your shop visitors recommend and evaluate your products over social media


Define hashtags for your products and communicate them on site in your store

One URL for your Communication

With a social hub from ContentFry you communicate one single URL and not every social platform you happen to have an account

Customized Design

Customize your social hub or your social wall to fit your brand's needs


Set up a geo-fencing channel and discover what people share in your store

View, assess and shop online

Our clients use Social Media to recommend Products and share them with their Friends


Communicate in your shop hashtags for your product and show the recommendations and shares that your clients post on a social wall. Let them know, that you care about their opinion and show how you interact and engage with your fans and followers. We are happy to show you many different ways of improving your shop with social media.