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Websites are often static and lack in engaging content. With the Social Aggregator ContentFry you are now able to realize the next generation of websites. Combine products with social content, storytelling and user generated content and merge your social hub with your website.
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Social Websites

Websites are often static and lack in engaging Content. With ContentFry you are now able to realize the next Generation of Websites. Combine Products with Social Content, Storytelling and User Generated Content.

Social Hub 2.0

Show your Social Media Activities on your Website


ContentFry has been developed with one goal in mind; combining websites with social content. This is way ContentFry gives you a flexibilitiy in displaying content like no other social aggregator. Whether you integrate ContentFry with your preferred CMS or implement our API with our website, ContentFry lets you combine hashtag campaigns with product pages, info pages with user generated content and much more.

Desktop and Mobile

With a responsive dashboard for desktop, tablet and mobile

Integrate Fan Content

Search for your brand ambassadors with hashtags and integrate them

Atomized Storytelling

Our vision for a sustained social media communication


Filter and group with hashtag topics

Rooms and Views

Our social hubs can integrate many subpages and views

Shopping and Retail

Combine social content with products over hashtags


Link all your social content with our share function

Hashtag Campaigns

Integrate and communicate hashtag campaign in your social hub

Longer visit time

With detail views you manage to increase the visit time on your social hub

Share our Vision

ContentFry visualizes your Social Storytelling


Aggregate all atoms and merge them to one single storytelling that visitors to your social website can experience whether they have a facebook, twitter or pinterest account or not. This makes our Atomized Storytellling concept complete and is the first step to a sustained communication on social media.